Mission Statement

Welcome to Acappella Press, a source for arrangements for your singing group or chorus. I offer custom vocal arrangements for acappella groups and choruses at a fair price. I also have created a library of existing arrangements that can be tailored to meet the needs of your ensemble for less money than a custom arrangement.

Praise for Acapella Press

"Never There is fun, creative and upbeat, with some sly quotes and rich harmonic choices."
- Jonathan Minkoff, Recorded Acapella Review Board
"I've hired Rebecca to arrange pop/rock songs for a cappella several times, and the results are always superb. She has a wonderful talent for writing vocal parts that are natural and fun to sing, while remaining very true to the feel and texture of the original songs. Her sense of harmony, voice leading, and vocal range is also impeccable."
- Satisfied Customer
"Rebecca is super awesome."
- Her husband